Monday, May 31, 2010

Lexington Farmer's Market

This was the Lexington Farmer's market venue last year.  The old Cheapside Park was a serviceable but not  ideal set up for the Market.

Cheapside Park has been transformed with the addition of the Pavilion. I miss the grass and the unobstructed view of some neat old buildings, but I must say the Pavilion certainly seems like it will be a great place for a burgeoning hub of activity downtown.

The Fifth Third Bank Pavilion looking toward Main Street.

World famous Cheapside Bar and Grill


He was taking in the sights too!

John Hunt Morgan statue on the other side of the old Courthouse.  You can see where they are still working on the 'streetscape' construction all along Main Street.

Looking back toward Cheapside from in front of the old Courthouse and missing the view but liking the new;-)

The view from Main Street  toward Short Street--we were early so not everyone had set up yet.

Three Toads Farm has such a nice set up and they can really show off their beautiful flowers.

They are so pretty you just have to smile.

I grabbed a bunch of these radishes for a treat---the pink and purple ones are nicely spicy.

We are still getting mostly Tennessee and Florida tomatoes but they looked good and we made do with them in scrumptious BLTs for lunch.

Be sure to go down and check out the Lexington Farmer's Market--it's only going to get better.


DutchBitch said...

OMG I SO want to go there with you again!

Brad said...

We should go every Saturday!

Liz Hill said...

Dutchy: I always think of you when I go---I'll have someone take a pic of me and Brad there tomorrow.

Brad: Done! KISS