Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You Can't Beat Wilson's Meat!

I'm making it a point this summer to buy local. It really makes sense if you know quality and prices. And honestly I don't mind paying just a tad more for better food.

But you know what is even better? Finding the best quality beef and actually paying less for it.

The best kept secret amongst my foodie circle of friends is Wilson's Grocery and Meats. This unassuming family grocery at the corner of Cramer and Victory is simply the place to go in town if you want a marvelous cut of beef at a beyond fair price.

For my last little soiree I chose to do grilled beef tenderloin because I knew I could provide my guests(40-50) with a mouth watering entree that would not break the bank. I paid less per pound for this restaurant quality tenderloin than I would have paid for Select sirloin steaks that week at Kroger.

This is about 13.5 lbs of tenderloin. The only trimming it needed was removal of the silverskin. As it was so beautiful I decided I wouldn't mess with it too much. All that's on there is a dusting of ground corriander and freshly ground mixed peppercorn blend. It got a drizzle of fruity, light EVOO just before going on the hot grill.

Cooking time depends on your grill. If you are in doubt take it off early. You can always cook it a bit more. Meat this glorious should not be overcooked--of course I like mine bloody. The cool thing about tenderloin is that the 'tail' cooks faster because it is thinner and the bigger end stays nice and rare.

I set out a nice horseradish-mayo sauce.

I don't think people used much of that.

And don't be afraid to buy a whole tenderloin from Wilson's because you think it's too much to use unless you are having a party. I buy one and cut it into thick Filets and then freeze what we don't use immediately. Thaw gently and throw on the grill over high heat and you'll have a feast for which you didn't pay $30 a plate.

Let me know if you give Wilson's a try.


Brad said...

The tenderloin was heavenly. And you're right, I never even considered using the sauce. It was perfect just the way it was--brilliant in its simplicity.

Sometimes less is more!

Bubblewench said...

There was sauce? It didn't need it. It was so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

sybil law said...

It was perfectly delicious!
Wish we had a Wilson's close to me!

Bond said...

The tenderloin was yummy-licious and I did use some of the Horsey Sauce cause I like a bit of a bite...

DutchBitch said...

It was Yum-Ey!!! Shame I couldn't bring it on the plane ;)

Lynda said...

I used the sauce but actually preferred the taste without it. It was so good.