Monday, April 20, 2009

I Do Doodles--A Review

Buffy: What is this?
Willow: A doodle. I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too.

After finally making my way there for lunch I think everyone should 'do' Doodles.

Located at the corner of Limestone and E. Third Street, Doodles is a 'breakfast and lunch' place. It's the kind of casual place you go to to relax and enjoy excellent comfort food that is well made and without pretension.

This photo accompanied Mark Siever's excellent article in Business Lexington last October. You can read the full article with background on the owners and their 'green' and local concepts here.

Located in a converted former gas station, Doodles is bright, airy and clean. You walk to a counter and order there --'diner' style' --and get your drinks and take a seat to wait for your food. I must say this does not bother me in the least for this type of restaurant. The staff is so friendly you feel like you are just making yourself at home instead of being 'put upon' to get your own drinks.

Fellow foodie Eddy Thompson (thanks again for the suggestion!) and I tucked into this delicious spread for lunch. In the background you can see Eddy's 'Egg Doodle'($7.95)---two local eggs in a 'nest' of a buttermilk biscuit. He added a side of corned beef hash. This version is more like a stew--large chunks of potatoes and corned beef with veggies in a creamy sauce--very tasty. The Egg Doodle came with what they call their 'tomato gravy'. It's thick and sweet and more like a tomato jam. It's good.
In the foreground you can see my Shrimp Po' Boy($8.25). This is a favorite sandwich of mine as I used to eat them for lunch all the time when I lived in New Orleans. This version did not disappoint, although the roll wasn't my favorite as I like them a little chewier. The shrimp more than made up for that. It was perfectly fried and the taste was just spot on. The lettuce was crisp and the sliced Roma tomatoes a serviceable winter choice. I could only eat half of the sandwich. This comes with seasoned 'flat fries'. I got mine spicy. They were delicious.

Right in the middle you can see the beignets. We split an order of 3.($1.75) These were wonderful, passing my 'worth every calorie' test with flying colors. These are the best I've had since I last had them at the Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.

You can see the full menus with prices here.

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Doodle's Breakfast & Lunch on Urbanspoon

I will definitely be going back---and bringing more friends.


Bond said...

Like 50 friends in June? Take over the place?

Looks yummy delicious

sybil law said...

Yes - I think 50 or so friends who are hungover as I imagine I will be, would LOVE that place!

Brad said...

We must visit soon.

hello haha narf said...

note to self: must try beignets at doodles! (how about i didn't know they existed outside of cafe du monde?!?! what a tool i can be!)

also note to self: get up earlier than the other lunatics at confab, baby.